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 Alignment Bars

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PostSubject: Alignment Bars   Alignment Bars I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 16, 2013 8:19 pm

Its come to my attention that maybe Good and Evil are too broad of an explanation. I am currently having a hard time with agreeing with one's actions based off their current alignment.

So there is now an expantion of this, but don't fret. We are simply introducing a second rating. On top of choosing between, Good, Neutral, and Evil, you will have to pick between Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic. If this looks obviously from DnD, that's becauase it is! And if you've seen it in a video game, well... Probably.

Good and Evil are easily defined, and I will not do so here. I am confident that people already understand this concept.

Lawful: A character that is bound to the law and order, always doing things by the book. He or she wishes that the laws be followed.
-A Lawful character can be Evil, and this type of character will use the rules to his or her advantage. Often manipulative.
-A Lawful/Good character will follow the rules and believes that those who break it should be punished.

Neutral: A character of this type has no strong feelings either way. He or she often stands in between lawful and chaotic.
On top of being compatible with both good and evil alignments, there can be Neutral/Neutral characters. This however, can be simply stated as True Neutral.

Chaotic: This character has little to no regard of the law and simply wishes to do as he or she pleases.
-A chaotic character can be Good, this type of character usually does not care about the law, but wishes to help in any way.
-A chaotic/Evil character is one who simply wants destruction but no real apparent plan. He or she desires chaos.


Captain America: Neutral/Good

Spider-Man: Lawful/Good
Punisher: Lawful/Neutral
Dr. Doom: Lawful/Evil
Gambit: Chaotic/Good
Deadpool: Chaotic/Neutral
Venom: Chaotic/Evil

[Reference: - We as staff Dissagree with Loki's placement in this chart, but agree with the rest of them.]
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Alignment Bars
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