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War.. The world is demanding those with super powers to give up their names and identities, they demand it! Some people agree with this, some don't. Some are still trying to find where they stand. Where do you stand? This is where you find out..
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 Noctuam (Modecai Wayne)

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PostSubject: Noctuam (Modecai Wayne)   Noctuam (Modecai Wayne) I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 07, 2013 1:12 am

Title: Noctuam
Identity: Mordecai Wayne
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Level: 4
TP: 1 (9/10 used)
Exp: 7300

Noctuam (Modecai Wayne) 391d3edc5a65eaa5d3ad11b8cc8fb17c1301697068_full-1

Theme: Symbiote Suit

Trait(2): Superhuman strength  (5 tons)

Trait(2) Healing Factor (minor cuts and bruises)

Trait (3) Shape Shift-Symbiote Suit can twist its shape. (Expanding into any size, changes outer appearance, and can create various shapes.)

Trait (1) The ability to produce webbing from its own mass. (hold himself up and 50 pounds more)

Trait (1) Spider sense The ability to have a sixth sense of danger approaching (extremely close in danger for it to work)

Alliance: Good

Side: Against

Back-Story: Mordecai Wayne is a man who was fascinated by owls at an early age. He travels around the world studying them and fossils. During his time and travels Mordecai heard of a toxic spill in a endangered Owl area. He found some owls trapped in the spill and he proceeded to cleaning them and setting them free. As he was cleaning the last owl and upon it's release. He noticed a odd tiny pool a little ways from the spill . It seemed to be moving he grabbed some supplied and went to see if an animal was in danger. When he realized it was not an animal he left it alone. A part of the pools got on his leg which went unnoticed by Mordecai. He went to his hotel and got a call not to return to the spill area. "What do you mean.....a government came to clean it up....well that's nice of them." Moredcai was curious to this but did not act any further. He went to sleep and awoke the next morning, to return home, New York.  He sat in his home and turned on the T.V. he fed his Owl and let it out to go do it's thing. He turned back to the T.V. to see that reality show with those heroes the New Warriors cracking down on Super villains. "A violent show on today's Television never...seen that before...Namorita is cute." He was about to turn it off when he saw the member Namorita slam the villain Nitro into a bus. Then a massive explosion, then static. "Hmmmm that's not good..." He turned the T.V. off feeling tired. He rested his head and took a nap. He awoke to his owl calling out to him. He turned on the light to see the same goo on his talons but as he reached to assist the goo leaped on to his face. He tries to wrestle with it but it did not help. The goo began to spread over his body. "I know what this stuff is, it's from that Venom suit stuff, a symbiote, maybe if I let it..." Mordecai stopped fighting and it took over. He awoke to it covering his body and himself in the kitchen. It seemed to be devouring chocolate. "Hey that's mine..." Feed... "Hrmmmm you eat chocolate? or what's in the chocolate." Deal...we can make you more powerful in return we get something that won't be missed. "You mean like the powers?"

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PostSubject: Re: Noctuam (Modecai Wayne)   Noctuam (Modecai Wayne) I_icon_minitimeTue May 13, 2014 5:21 am

Approved by Black Pheonix

[ I don't have to explain myself, but the delayed times for these approvals are because I'm working on a different system. ]

Dance, Puppet.. Dance.

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Noctuam (Modecai Wayne)
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