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War.. The world is demanding those with super powers to give up their names and identities, they demand it! Some people agree with this, some don't. Some are still trying to find where they stand. Where do you stand? This is where you find out..
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 The Black Hand

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Devon Black

Devon Black

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PostSubject: The Black Hand   The Black Hand I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 23, 2013 9:34 am

(Former)Title: The Black Hand
Identity: Devon Black
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Height: 5'11" (6'2" with suit)
Weight: 90kg (117g with suit)
Devon stands at an average height, with an average build and complexion. His skin is scarred in many places on his body, remnants of the burns he incurred in an incident long ago. He has dark hair and piercing brown eyes with a slightly golden hue.
He is known for his suit, which is traditionally pitch black from head to toe. It is made of a cloth like material with metallic plates covering important areas of his body. Recently, parts of his suit have been changed slightly. Most notable is a crimson hand print over his left cheek on the helmet, and a red rose spray painted onto his right forearm.

Level: 1
TP:0 (Out of 7)

Song to accompany the theme:

Theme: Dead Space Engineer
Engineering(1): Devon's powers come from a suit he built/stole. All upgrades to his powers are from his own knowledge and tinkering with the suit over time. However, this knowledge is not solely limited to working on his suit; it can be applied to other areas as well. In particular, Devon has an intricate understanding of how weapons work, thanks to his background. This allows him to build stronger and better weapons to arm himself with as his knowledge increases.
(Unique weapon 1: Net gun. This weapon fires a very sturdy net out at a slow, easy to dodge speed. The net itself is incredibly strong, nearly impossible to physically rip apart or cut, resistant to a very high degree most elements (Fire, cold, acid, electricity). It's also seals itself upon capture, and the net retains several links back to the weapon itself, preventing someone from fleeing with the net still on them. However, the weapon is aimed via a very easy to see laser targeting system, and the net itself fires only straight at a fairly slow pace. As such, it is relatively easy to dodge, and mostly only useful against stationary, unaware or helpless targets.)

Stasis(2): An interesting development in science, the status module of Devon's suit can temporarily bend time around an area, slowing down the object or objects within the field to safe speeds. As this power increase, so does the strength of the stasis as well as the area it covers.

Telekinetic Manipulation(3): Another breakthrough for science, this module allows Devon to manipulate objects from a distance. In addition to being able to lift and throw objects many times heavier then Devon could normally handle, it also lets him interact with anything as if he was touching the object with his bare hands. This includes switches, buttons, levers, etc. As this power increase, Devon can lift large and heavier objects and throw them faster and farther, as well as manipulate smaller objects more accurately.

Alliance: Neutral
Side: Neutral

Back-Story: Once upon a time, Devon's life was much better then it is now. At one point, he was happily married, had a son and had a daughter on the way. He was employed at what was as close as he felt he would get to his dream job, making more money then he needed while still being able to afford everything he could want. His life was like a dream, one that he wished he would never wake.
But all dreams eventually end, and this one ended with a nightmare.
Seven years ago, Devon was working on a project of great importance. A suit that could enhance the very limits of humanity, allowing previously impossible tasks to become easy. Technically, he hadn't designed the suit, but he had been on the team that built it. This had been his chance to prove himself to everyone, to show what he was capable of. He worked tireless on the project, memorizing the schematics and doing everything he could to make small improvements. Eventually, he was given the lead on the project, despite and likely because of his youth. For awhile, the stress almost got to him, his world was almost shattered by himself as he buried himself in his work, neglecting his family and personal life.
But long before the breaking point, they managed to finish the suit. Only a prototype, but it was enough. Devon himself demonstrated the suit at the first showing, his masterpiece. The investors went crazy over it, and he was given the most praise for it's completion. Everything seemed to be going perfectly.
He was given a vacation for his success, and he planned to spend all of it celebrating with his family.
And then the war came.
Mutants, screaming about their superiority and how they were the eventual evolution of humanity. And then the other ones, coming to protect and save them.
The devastation left no one untouched. Entire blocks were erased in the battle waged above the city. Devon should have thought himself lucky to have survived, should have been grateful that when his house went up in flames that he had been spared.
But his family hadn't been.
Devon spiraled into depression. His job soon followed his family, the corporate owners having no need for an engineer who couldn't work. Desperate, driving by a maddening need for revenge, Devon returned to his workplace and stole the suit he made.
It had been tailor made for him to use, and even in his grief it felt comforting to wear it again. His first act was to destroy every document about what he had made. Then he made sure his workshop burned to the ground, insuring his work would never be used against him. And then he started his long campaign to put an end to the mutant threat, for the greater good of humanity.
That was seven years ago, and for all he had done the emotion that was strongest in Devon was regret. A year ago, something happened that would change him forever, something that would make him give up his quest to kill mutants. The circumstances that day caused him to finally be overcome by a strong realization that had plagued him since the day he stole the suit. He finally accepted that he had become the very thing he had wished to stop, he had become just like the enemy he had spent so much time trying to destroy. For 12 months, he had hung up his suit and tried to hide himself from the world, but the world refused to let him go. His life was not yet done, and now he had a debt to repay. With a heavy heart, he donned his suit once more, only this time his focus would be on stopping something rather then starting it.
It was a subtle change, from killing to protecting, but it was enough for him. He had his purpose now, a real one; To end the war that had taken everything from him. This goal, he would see it through... to the very end.

Last edited by Devon Black on Tue Feb 26, 2013 2:09 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Engineering power edit. Added a unique weapon to represent first level of power.)
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Dance, Puppet.. Dance.

The master of puppets,
the owner of every doll.

Practice my art,
and entertain you all.
Or snip the strings,
and let them fall.
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